About Me

Brooklyn Based · Tennessee Taught · Oklahoma Raised · Texas Born

I grew up in Oklahoma, went to college in Nashville, and now live in Brooklyn with my husband, Darren, and our 8-pound shih tzu, Ruby.

I sing. I play the piano. I act. I write plays, sketch comedy, and the occasional screenplay. I teach theater and music classes for high school students. I teach theater and education classes for college students at NYU, where I earned my Ph.D. in Educational Theater, researching "The Phenomenon of the Acting Bug."

Then, once that's all finished, I like to bake ridiculous cheesecakes (and subsequently eat those cheesecakes), scuba dive (requiring some significant travel, which I also enjoy), run half-marathons (and a full marathon once, but probably never again), listen to 90s R&B AND 90s country (can't I have both?), come up with funky acapella arrangements of pop songs (with the Wine Friday ladies, of course), bike to Red Hook (so I can eat Steve's Key Lime Pie), watch I Love Lucy reruns (and also Ghost Adventures reruns...don't judge!), and go see new plays.

But mostly, I love collaborating with people on exciting new projects. So let's play!

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