Rachel enjoys writing plays, sketch comedy, and the occasional screenplay. With a background in journalism, Rachel seeks opportunities to write about her experiences with art, travel, and food. She has also published academic articles about various intersections of art and education.


Rachel's auditory play, "Konstantin", is featured in Episode 2 of Blindspot Collective's Walks of Life series, part of La Jolla Playhouse's Digital WOW Programming.

"Responsible Inspiration: The Role of Arts Educators in Career Choice"

Rachel's article, "Responsible Inspiration: The Role of Arts Educators in Career Choice was published in Teaching Artist Journal. The realities of a career in the performing arts can exist in shocking contrast to the sterilized glamour found in bright lights and awards shows. So how might teaching artists continue to cultivate this passion while truly preparing students for continued educational opportunities in their fields and then for the real world? Through responsible inspiration.

Sketch at Magnet Theatre

Rachel's sketch, "Politeness Police", was selected as part of the popular Ringers series on the Magnet mainstage. Watch the sketch here.

"I Don't Sing"

Rachel's article, "I Don't Sing!" Teaching Music in After-School Settings with Untrained High School Male Voices was published in Teaching Artist Journal. This article explores the triumphs and tensions inherent in coaching adolescent male singers, particularly when blending skill-building and performance preparation.


Rachel's short play "Bottleneck" premiered as part of TRG Productions' 3rd Annual Radioactive Festival at the 4th Street Theatre at New York Theatre Workshop. A strange, sweet, and slightly traumatic incident on the Manhattan Bridge–"Bottleneck" is a story of questions, connections, and newfound friendship...maybe.

Site-Specific theatre: new perspectives on pedagogy and performance

co-written with Dr. Amy Cordileone

Rachel's article, "Site-Specific theatre: new perspectives on pedagogy and performance," co-authored with Dr. Amy Cordileone, was published in RiDE: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance.

Through the Glade

co-written with Cali Moore

Through the Glade is a semi-autobiographical satire of every theatre experience you wish you'd never had, offering a unique look inside the complex personalities of big fish in small ponds. Performed at Emerging Artists Festival and Un-Fringed Festival in NYC. Script available upon request.

My Other Job

co-written with Cali Moore

My Other Job reveals the struggles, humor, grace, and determination present in the stories of 5 real working actors as it asks audiences to think a little more deeply about the lives of their waiters, bartenders, babysitters, or even their doctors, teachers, or real estate agents. Using ethnodramatic techniques, My Other Job takes the actual words of these active artists and weaves a story of truth about the business of pretending. Script published in Arts Praxis Journal.


A Tiny Film about a Tiny Space

Samantha has a history of running away from relationships...until she meets Greg. Spontaneous, funny, and unexpected, he is everything she's ever wanted (it doesn't hurt that he's also a successful Wall Street broker). But when Samantha and Greg head back to his place, she finds out just how unexpected new relationships can be. Micro is a tiny romantic comedy about tiny homes and the ways we negotiate space and relationships.